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TERMINUS is the second full length by While Sun Ends: containing 8 tracks written between 2012 and 2015, it has been recorded in August 2015. Later on, the album has been mixed by Riccardo “Paso” Pasini (Ephel Duath, Handful of Hate, Blindead, Sunpocrisy...) @ Studio73 (Ravenna – Italy) and mastered by Collin Jordan (Voivod, Pelican, Eyehategod, Ministry) @ Boiler Room Studio (Chicago).


released August 26, 2016




all rights reserved


While Sun Ends Bergamo, Italy

While Sun Ends is an Progressive-Post Death Metal Band, hailing from Bergamo, Italy.

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Track Name: Tritogenia
Imperceptible eternity

The war against inviolable concepts
Is a constant call to arms against the oblivion of nature that confuses us with its tricks
the search for truth is disobedience in the order of things
sounds, smells, hormones, venom.

The greatness of the Magnificent shows us how a glass prison forces us to know that we cannot control ourselves
we can’t control ourselves
we are imprisoned from the doomed order
disgust absorbs all our energies and our limbs are rotting in the swamp of lies

It is a struggle breathless, desperate and shameful
we are like worms crawling in a gray mud

Affected by the mythical arrows of oblivion
we drink our blood that bathes the skin
We don't need our eyes which provide us to see.

Synapses have potentials which are not admissible to our god

Slavery can be the sweetest of tortures

Intellect is transcendent, pure and unattainable
but it brings us closer to infinity.
Track Name: Cycles
When it was perfect between us
Time denied the perfection amid us
You brought me this far
I cannot believe that the same distance separates us.

We knew it would come to an end
why shall we wonder now why?
but I never had the courage
to understand the reason why compasses swerved

It’s no longer a good thing
to observe motionlessly
the greatness we created

still blending us, with vacuum

Look for the blank,
where everything is: nothing more but me.
I used to give names to matters.
My reason, I had nothing in “this” called life

I was the opposite of what I am.

We are a recursive connection,
a continuous demand for harmony,
tied up and embraced
as we never wanted to say goodbye

You cannot turn back,
what we're going to do
tomorrow you'll remember
today is a memory.

In the beginning,
I sought for steadiness over time,
I did it to me, for me ...
for peace in all my relations.
I was just chosen by me.
Even when the lights went out
in front of my eyes ... blinded for a long time.
I felt no pain,
I didn’t know problems.
But I cannot stay there,
I must act in time,
I must go away.
Track Name: Measure
Meridian barely let us to touch the sun
Show life, is not a sum of times.
Only sculptures are “prophesying” here
Ennui is revealing the already been-changement

As inconscious visions memories remind us
Of a future so far from them
We realize, there’s no shade to part us
But distance and measures

<< I thought I could handle everything,
gather it in tomes full of schemes
“Da Sein” to keep the balance of need

Joy is a name -I chose- to give
To a perfect mathematical function
Unworthy, to depict such a coloured tapestry

Grit in the eyes interrupts vision of light
Show life is not a sum of times.

Scores of parameters away from sewings themselves
In the time, every shade gets frayed
Though all I can seize, is only a dot of the countless >>

Lamplights deceived you…
Shapes patterned with incense,
Filthy projections

Horizon of sultry velvets
Slopped down to soothe nudity
Twisted you with arabesques of certitude

Pierce the shroud
Through overlaps unfound
Here nor there
Two barehands, Pinchbeck scales

Longing for idle limelight
Track Name: Sides
Frame, after frame, architecture of life
Change of pressure, the ordinary cacophony
Traditional safety, of knowing the Eden
A large fresco without space and time is drawn behind the crystal eyes.

Every simple sign is collected to change the vision
of the spectacular void inside the brain.
We are what we are ‘cause we think what we want to be
a mere spectacular void inside the brain.

A puzzle without lines to build, full of textures and of changing colours
Be careful to think with your head and make the correct foundations

On the other side, there is no confusion
Pale reflections of unborn events flow under the ground
An infinite circle to walk without an end
Every single moment is classified with a naughty reference

Erase your dignity
Erase your dignity

Distance feeds a silence,
wall of space.
(distance) hides memory
I disappear in boundary

Words must be sanctified
The rules must be respected
Choose which part you want to play
Nobody takes your side

What do you pretend?
A search in the truth
I pretend nothing that I do not have.
The collection of faiths
What do you pretend?
True or false, what a shame
What do you pretend?
I pretend nothing that I do not have.
I pretend nothing that I do not have.
True or false, what a shame
I pretend nothing that I don't have.
Track Name: Seesaw
These seeds find their way
will we a day?
Endtime prompted me
To look back

Where it seemed to be
safe in that weaving
of me with everywhere
I know I’m outside

Empty from cause to purpose…

In this infinite number of void,
of hidden connections
moving energy makes our emptiness

In large fields
You appeared
As soft rays
Of reflected light.

“Come to me
This hand will
Dip my dream
In spaceless
Swings of time
And colour
This deep thing

Come to me
reflect this
wind of silence
in movements
to feel
I am in
Faded time”

These are wonders
Of my clouds
Leaving all in
A past away

We are colours
In this painting
We’ll never know
What this relation
Will show outside

Cycles come back
lightened by
Echoes from behind

Distance is all we can create
The best story of our lives.

So the Spiral Journey ends

when the street starts to get smaller
Movements are seesaws

when the knowledge is desired.
Track Name: View
I caught a glimpse of you
in another shiner
Where all depicted beings stood in circle

Black curving lines on this soft bright-path
Waiting for the first sun-ending twirls

I remember smooth faces, shaped sight-like
Lay figures dusten by our self pityness

Nature’s just as we want it to be
A mere spectacular order we dare to utter
To feel well settled in hyperbolical spaces,
perceive the attainability of our time

The multiple sense of experiencing elements lets them in
On the day a mountain reveals double summit,
cravings come to light,
my might is overcome.

Oblivion of tears’ autocracy are well fed
As I self perceive to be hold
And bent from magnificence by fair refusal

Now, this pulsing being stands in circle, never-asked
longing to go missing
dancing to the void of another shiner
this Limelight

Vibes of a call
A Leviathan bigger than us
Track Name: Elevation
The pure breath that inspires
a void land of imaginary
pulsing under the surface
into the veins
across the muscles.

How can you imagine the beauty
of every silent thing?
The smell of desire,
the passion of being free
in this spherical dimension
Corrupted by our needs
The life of every individual is kept by
the expert hands of creation.
The beauty of each petal
of pain mixed with the joy of

being alive in a body that is shutting down.

And then, nothing to correct our sins, we can only live in a maze of hidden thoughts
which darkens the conscience to keep us under control.
And then the peace.

Peace to be accepted in the circle that controls all things, a well thought plan.

Accept their corruption, for it is what needs to happen as everything is designed as it should be.
We desire to return to the true essence and we spend our useless time searching to achieve it.
Track Name: Synthesis
How can I explain what a union is,
beyond the state of my mind,‘beyond my body's perception?

How can I talk about everything I know,
when we all need time to know if the air vibrates.

Overlap is the way in which we overcome,

the spiral that annihilates me carrying my perception in a new perspective.

Suffering exists but I do not, here. 

So now I'm only asking: how can I feel pain?

Now I am beyond,

No longer I need to sublimate this cold life,

because now it is an eternal going to be.