Knowledge Ep

by While Sun Ends

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Serena Caracchi - Vocals
Massimo Tedeschi - Guitars/Vocals
Diego Marchesi - Guitars
Carlo Leone - Bass/Vocals
Enrico Brugali - Drums


released April 20, 2013

Recorded @ Batsaletta and il Fosso Records

Simon Rossoni : Recording - Mix - Master
Francesco Caprini: Keys



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While Sun Ends Bergamo, Italy

While Sun Ends is an Progressive-Post Death Metal Band, hailing from Bergamo, Italy.

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Track Name: Elevation

The pure breath that inspires

a void land of imaginary

pulsing under the surface

into the veins 

across the muscles.

How can you imagine the beauty
 of every silent thing?
The smell of desire,
the passion of being free
 in this spherical dimension
Corrupted by our needs

The life of every individual is kept by
 the expert hands of creation. 

The beauty of each petal 
of pain mixed with the joy of

being alive in a body that is shutting down.

And then, nothing to correct our sins, we can only li(v)e in a maze of hidden thoughts,

which darkens the conscience to keep us under control.
And then, peace.

Peace to be accepted in the circle that controls all things, a well thought plan.

Accept their corruption, for it is what needs to happen as everything is designed as it should be. We desire to return to the true essence and we spend our useless time searching to achieve it.
Track Name: Tritogenia

Senses, leave me independent and respect the holy earth
It sacrificed men’s freedom and it brought them to the truth

Imperceptible eternity

The war against inviolable concepts 
It’s a constant call to arms against the oblivion of nature that it confuses us with its tricks
 the search for truth is disobedience in the order of things, 
sounds, smells, hormones, venom.

The greatness of the Magnificent shows us how a glass prison forces us to know that we cannot control ourselves

we can’t control ourselves
 we are imprisoned from the doomed order 
disgust absorbs all our energies and our limbs are rotting in the swamp of lies

It is a struggle breathless, desperate and shameful
 we are like worms crawling in a gray mud

Affected by the mythical arrows of oblivion 
we drink our blood that bathes the skin

We don't need our eyes which provide us to see.

Synapses have potentials which are not admissible to our god

Slavery can be the sweetest of tortures

Intellect is transcendent, pure and unattainable
but it brings us closer to infinity.